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What Happens If I Don’t Have A Bone Grafting Procedure Performed Before My Dental Implants Are Placed?

When people have had one or more missing teeth for a long period of time, then they may need a bone grafting procedure before they can get treated with dental implants in Tustin, CA. A bone grafting procedure restores the patients jawbone density so it can support their new smile. Those who do not get a bone grafting procedure before their dental implants are placed are at risk of experiencing many problems.

Here is more on what could happen if people don’t have a bone grafting procedure before their dental implants are placed.


What Can Happen If People Don’t Have A Bone Grafting Procedure Before Their Dental Implants Are Placed

When people have low jawbone density or they have jawbone deterioration, then their dental implants in Tustin, CA won’t likely last as long as they should, even when they are placed by a skilled doctor. If people don’t get the bone grafting procedure they need, they may experience their facial structure altering because of jawbone resorption.

During a bone grafting procedure, bone graft material is placed in the areas of low jawbone density and volume. With a bone grafting procedure, the patient will have enough jawbone density and volume to permanently support their dental implants.

Dental implants should be placed after a bone grafting procedure because the dental implant posts will keep the patients jawbone healthy and strong, just like their natural tooth roots would. This is why it’s important for people to first get a bone grafting procedure before they get their dental implants placed.


See Us Now So We Can Treat You With Dental Implants After Your Bone Grafting Procedure

If you have been told that you cannot get dental implants in Tustin, CA because you do not have enough jawbone density to support them, then you should come to our advanced and caring office. With the latest techniques and technologies, we can treat you with a trusted bone grafting procedure, so you get the dental implants you need and deserve.

Don’t wait to improve your smile with us. Get in contact with our doctors, Craig C. Thiede, DDS and Naman Desai, DDS, MD at our office by Tustin, CA to schedule your consultation today!

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