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Comfortable Tooth Extractions

Get Relief from Your Tooth Pain

  • Broken or decaying teeth
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Trauma and dental emergencies
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Full mouth reconstruction
  • Swelling and infection​
  • Adjacent tumors or oral cancer
Dr Thiede, Tustin, CA
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The Benefits Of Sedation Under the Care of an Expert Oral Surgeon

In most situations, it’s ideal to treat and restore a natural tooth. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes it’s best for our Tustin, CA patients to have their problematic teeth removed in order to provide pain relief and plan toward a long-term reconstructive solution. 

As an oral surgeon, Dr. Thiede is an expert when it comes to complex tooth extractions or atypical wisdom tooth removal where the roots are wrapped around or next to facial nerves.

Keeping You Comfortable During Treatment

Tooth pain is often caused by inflammation or secondary swelling caused by an infection. This condition may also make it more challenging to numb the area where tooth extractions are needed. To ensure the comfort of our Tustin, CA patients, we offer safe and effective forms of dental sedation, including general and IV anesthesia. When you feel as if you’re sleeping throughout the tooth extraction, we can work more efficiently. As a result, you’ll enjoy a more relaxing experience and be able to focus on your health needs, rather than the anxiety of sitting through an oral surgery. Dr. Thiede’s extensive training as an oral surgeon — combined with over 20 years of experience — means we’re able to offer the best experience for our patients.

Replacing Missing Teeth after Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction may be vital to stopping infection and improving your oral health, but the space left behind can cause bite problems, gradual shifting of the teeth, or TMJ pain. Dr. Thiede can arrange to replace the soon-to-be-extracted tooth with a long-term option like dental implants. In some cases, we can place the implant on the very same day that the tooth is removed. If the tooth being extracted is a wisdom tooth, there is usually no need to replace it.

Efficient, Gentle Tooth Removal

Looking for a dentist that offers complex dental extractions with the added benefits of sedation? Call SoCal Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery today to schedule a consultation!

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