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When is Oral Cancer Surgery Necessary?

  • Removal of precancerous tissue
  • Biopsies
  • Treating active tumors and malignant growths
  • Before or after chemotherapy/radiation
  • Reconstruction following cancer treatment
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Dental Implants Completed My Smile After Tumor Removal

As an oral surgeon, Dr. Thiede is one of the most highly qualified providers available to perform oral cancer surgery, including tumor resection and reconstruction of the bone and soft tissues following treatment. After all, removal of your tumor isn’t the only thing to be concerned about. You still need to ensure that your mouth and facial structures can operate to the best of their ability, make sure that all of the affected areas are treated, and have the assurance that your appearance is impacted in the least possible manner. 

Oral cancer is an extremely complicated disease that is best treated through early diagnosis and intervention. Dr. Thiede offers surgical services to referring dentists and medical providers with patients that have diagnosed or suspected oral cancer. We can arrange for further biopsies and appropriate cancer removal, in conjunction with your oncologist. Patients can also contact us directly to request an appointment. Such a delicate condition affects not just your overall quality of life, but your emotional and social needs as well.

Understand Options for Oral Cancer Surgery

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of discovering your oral cancer or looking to have full mouth reconstruction after oral cancer surgery, our Tustin, CA specialist is committed to providing you with the highest level of individualized care. We understand that undergoing oral cancer surgery can be an exhausting and scary process for our patients and their families. At SoCal Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we treat you like one of our own family members. You’re that important to us!During your initial consultation we’ll discuss your treatment options and make a recommendation based on your unique situation. We will then schedule a surgery day and provide detailed information so you know what to expect. During surgery you will be comfortably sedated, and afterwards allowed to recover. We welcome new patients as well as referrals from area oncologists, dentists, and doctors. As part of your oral cancer surgery team, we work closely with other healthcare practitioners to ensure each of our patients is looked after in the best possible manner.

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If you have a suspicious or precancerous growth that you or your dentist is concerned about, we encourage you to call us to schedule an exam.

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