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How Does Laser Gum Surgery Differ From Traditional Gum Surgery?

If your gum surgery is recommended by your periodontist in Tustin, California, you’ll need to decide if you should undergo conventional gum surgery or laser gum surgery. It is critical for that reason that you understand the key differences between the two types of procedures. 

The Key Differences

When conducting traditional gum surgery, a scalpel is used to cut off contaminated gum tissue so as to gain greater access to the pocket. Then, it extracts the infected tissue. In contrast, a laser distinguishes where healthy and contaminated gum tissue remains and gets rid of the infected cells during laser surgery in Tustin, California.

  • Pain —During traditional gum surgery, the process can be painful since gum tissue is sutured and cut. However, laser gum surgery often results in less distress since no cutting or suturing is taking place.
  • Recovery time —Since a laser is used to kill infected gum tissue during laser gum surgery in Tustin, California, there is often less swelling involved. As a result, patients who undergo a laser procedure are usually able to go back to their regular activities quickly.
  • Long-term results —Because the results of laser gum surgery are more predictable in terms of cell reattachment and bone regeneration, laser surgery often gets better long-term results than traditional gum surgery.

Additionally, when laser gum surgery is performed, the depth of the pocket needed to remove the infected tissue can often be smaller than if traditional surgery was performed.

Find Out More

If you are interested in finding out more about how laser gum surgery is different from traditional gum surgery, it is best to contact a periodontist like Dr. Craig Thiede. Please contact our Tustin, California offices today by calling 657-231-2880 to schedule an appointment to discuss your gum surgery related needs.

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