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Do You Have TMJ

Millions of dental patients suffer from TMJ every year, without even knowing it. The symptoms are incredibly common, and it is understood that therapies reduce pain and correct the underlying causes. The thing is, a lot of people just don’t realize what they’re doing. 

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is an issue that occurs when the damage has been done to the hinge-like TM joint. This damage may be due to a variety of factors, including trauma and overuse tension, as well as cartilage misalignment. The other stressors on the cartilage ultimately lead to misalignment, causing the symptoms for the long term.

Symptoms to Look Out For

Many patients seeking a dentist’s aid do so because they understand these signs as worth inquiring about. That’s why knowing what kinds of pain might mean damage to the TM joint is important to you. Here are the most common symptoms identified by patients: 

  • Pain or tenderness in the jaw
  • Pain in the temporomandibular joint on one or both sides
  • Aching pain around the ear on either side
  • Aching facial pain in general
  • Joint locking in the jaw joint
  • Difficulty or pain while chewing

Seeking Help for TMJ

If you are struggling with temporomandibular joint discomfort the best thing to do is to talk to a professional. Dr. Craig Thiede will evaluate your condition, analyze the issues with the jaw joint, and decide an appropriate course of treatment if your pain is TMJ dysfunction. 

Long-term care for this condition helps prevent worsening of symptoms while reducing discomfort in the patient. Depending on the nature of the event, therapies include, in extreme circumstances, options such as bite splints during sleep, workouts or even surgical correction. Don’t live in sadness. Contact our offices during regular business hours in Tustin, California and talk to one of our team members about making a consultation appointment to speak to Dr. Craig Thiede so you can talk about your joint pain. Do not forget to make sure that when you call you are set up for a cleaning.

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