Dental Implants and their Expense

Dental Implants and their Expense

When you go through the dental implant process, or are planning for it, one of your main thoughts may be about price. It is no surprise that dental implants are expensive, but it may be a surprise that dental implants aren’t covered by insurance. This becomes a major dilemma if patients aren’t getting dental implant surgery for aesthetic reasons. Luckily, dental implant procedures may have a few options for payments.

One option that is possible for dental implant surgery is a payment plan. A payment plan may be set up by your doctor and their staff. This may mean that you work out with your doctor how much you can pay them per month, and move on from there. If your doctor does this for you, it is important to make the payments regularly and timely, because of the favor of not charging up front.

Another possible method of payment that is rising in the dental implant world is financing. There are many companies now that are offering financing methods for specifically dentists. This is a great option for many patients as you do not have to pay the hefty fee up front. Doctors that allow financing also do more business and are more successful with dental implant surgeries because their patients do not fear getting the procedure done because of money being a factor.

The payment for dental implant surgery is going to be expensive, especially if you are in the market for a full arch. Fortunately, there are options to undergo the surgery without needing an upfront payment. If you believe you would benefit from dental implant surgery and are worried about the cost, you should contact your doctor. If you let your doctor and their staff understand the situation you are in, a system will most likely be worked out so you will be able to have the procedure done.

Ask your doctor today about their payment methods. They may provide more than the two listed above, and pride themselves on their affordability. Schedule a consultation to find out more on the dental implant process.

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