BOTOX TMJ Treatment – Tustin, CA

Nonsurgical Facial Enhancement and Treatment for TMJ Disorders

BOTOX® Injectables for Cosmetics and TMJ Treatment

For years, BOTOX cosmetics have allowed aesthetic dental patients to enjoy smoother facial tissues, giving their smile a beautiful frame to complement healthy teeth. But BOTOX also offers effective results for our Tustin, CA patients that struggle with chronic migraines and TMJ pain. As an oral surgeon, Dr. Thiede is an expert when it comes to biofunctional and therapeutic options for the joints and muscles of the mouth, face, and neck. 

BOTOX works as a natural muscle relaxant, easing the tension of facial tissues and the muscles surrounding the jaw. When applied to specific points of the face, it can provide up to 3-6 months of relief for chronic muscle tension. The injectable can be administered as necessary, touching up problem areas 1-2 times per year depending on your needs.

  • Relaxes jaw muscles
  • Relieves symptoms of TMJ disorder
  • Reduces migraines and tension headaches
  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

Causes of TMJ Pain and Disorder

TMJ disorder (TMD) can arise from a number of different causes. One factor to consider is excessive tension due to chronic grinding, clenching, and straining of the joint. If you tend to suffer from bruxism while you sleep, it can be a challenging habit to break on your own. You may never even realize that there’s a problem until you wake the next morning with sore jaws and a headache. Dr. Thiede can screen for signs of clenching and grinding to determine the underlying causes of your TMJ pain, recommending BOTOX or a splint when appropriate, in lieu of internal surgery to the joint.

Is BOTOX Safe?

BOTOX is an approved drug product that is effective both for cosmetic purposes as well as relief of chronic muscle pain. Administered by a certified provider and oral surgeon, BOTOX is affective, safe and minimally-invasive. If you’re suffering from tension headaches, BOTOX offers a safer and straightforward alternative to repetitive use of over the counter medications.

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