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Osseous Surgery for Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal (gum) disease is an aggressive oral infection that can compromise the integrity of your teeth, gums and the supporting bone around them. One of the additional dental services that we provide in our Tustin, CA specialty clinic includes osseous surgery to eliminate gum disease-causing bacteria and restore the gums to a healthy state. This surgical procedure involves gently cutting back gum tissue so we can gain access to infection below the gum line. Once bacteria is cleared we will suture the gums back in place to allow for healing.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

A common side effect of gum disease, oral trauma, and injuries is recession of the soft tissues. This process can leave tooth roots exposed or compromise the integrity of dental implants when replacing your missing teeth. Our guided tissue regeneration additional dental service is a process that allows our Tustin, CA patients to help recover lost tissue through minimally invasive procedures that limit the need for additional oral surgery and grafting. By regenerating the gingiva, our patients can take steps to preserve their natural teeth and enhance the aesthetics of their smile.

  • Stimulates growth of new bone
  • Provides additional support to teeth
  • Prevents loose teeth
  • Restores the bone to a healthier state

What is a Frenectomy?

When the small strip of skin between the top front teeth and the lip are too tight, it can tug at the gums, causing problems eating or talking.

Another frenum in the mouth that may cause problems is the lingual (tongue) frenum. This particular area can cause “tongue ties” that interfere with feeding and speech. In more severe cases, the tongue may start to cleft, or fork, at the tip. One of additional dental services, a frenectomy, helps to reduce the tension of this thin strip of skin, relaxing the tissues around it. In most cases a frenectomy can be completed using a soft tissue laser, which allows for faster healing and minimal discomfort. Results are immediate, offering a tremendous impact for you or your child, with practically no recovery time.

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